Jeep Vehicle 

  • Any Jeep vehicle meeting the criteria defined in Article 4 of our Bylaws
  • If it doesn’t say Jeep – it’s not a Jeep!
  • The vehicle must have seat belts for all passengers, and roll bar or steel roof.

29″+ tires and a FULL SIZE spare!

  • It seems that size does matter! And while we emphasize ‘stock’ vehicles, most Jeeps can easily handle a 29″ tire. Anything less would only subject the underside of your Jeep to unnecessary abuse, and may cause you to get stuck all the time!

Secure tow points front & rear

  • Again, this one is easy – when you venture off road you might get stuck. Without a place to throw a strap on – well…you might just be left behind!

A ball hitch is not a secure tow point for vehicle recovery!

Recovery strap (without metal hooks)

  • Not too tough here, either. NO metal hooks. They can become a “1 pound bullet” if anything were to break while the strap is under load. Choose straps with fabric loops appropriately rated for your vehicles gross weight. The strap of choice is usually 20 feet long with a rating of 20,000 lbs.

Fire extinguisher

  • Your Jeep is insured, but the forests are not. If a fire were to start it would be ‘extremely’ difficult for assistance to reach the fire. Your unit should be rated for A, B, and C class fires. That’s electrical, gas/oil, and wood/paper.

First aid kit, just in case!

  • No explanation needed.

CB Radio

  • How else would we communicate? One big conference call !?! Large ‘whip’ antennas are discouraged, and must have a method from preventing it from ‘whipping’ around on the trail.
  • Hand held CBs are OK, but they must have charged batteries and WORK!

A good sense of humor and a big smile in case you get stuck!!!

  • We’re here to have fun!

Guest Jeeps are only allowed with the consent of either the club President or Vice President and must meet all of the above criteria!

We will work with you to get you on and off the trail!!